Fall 2017 Classes

The start and end dates of PE classes often vary from regular semester dates. Always carefully check the specific classes you are interested in. Add/drop dates also often vary and will be noted with the class information.

Cornell Outdoor Education (COE) classes may have different add/drop dates and refund policies. All COE classes can be added, provided there is space, up until the first day of class.  Fall 2017 drop deadline for COE classes: August 28 for courses which begin by September 16, or September 8,  for classes which begin September 17 or later.


Aquatics - swimming, diving and scuba

Ice Skating
Backpacking (Outdoor Ed) backpacking, winter camping, wilderness survival skills, dogsledding, break trips Juggling
Biking (Outdoor Ed)
Martial Arts
Paddling (Outdoor Ed) - New Course - Stand Up Paddleboarding
Caving (Outdoor Ed)
Personal Growth - Chi Gong, meditation, massage, yoga
Climbing (Outdoor Ed) - rock, ice, tree
Racquet Sports - badminton, tennis, racquetball, squash
Target Sportsarchery, trap & skeet, riflery, handgun safety & marksmanship
Team Sports - hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, team sport officiating
Weight Training
Wilderness Medicine (Outdoor Ed)
Hiking (Outdoor Ed)outdoor Tai Chi or yoga, backcountry cooking or photography, birding, trail running, geocaching, snowshoeing, outdoor adventure, day hiking