The Cornell University Physical Education Department is proud to offer one of the largest and most diverse Physical Culture Programs in the Ivy League. Over 100 courses are available, taught by experienced and gifted instructors. Thousands of students, staff, and area residents attend these classes every semester.

Most Cornell students pre-register for courses online prior to the semester. However, many individuals register during the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester. Non-students are allowed to register in person in the Physical Education office in 305 Helen Newman Hall on the first day of classes for each semester. Questions about PE classes should be referred to Pat Ackley at par2@cornell.edu or (607) 255-4286.

Cornell Outdoor Education (COE) classes have different deadlines and enrollment policies. Please refer to the COE site for specifics. Questions about COE classes should be referred to Danielle Ford at dmf238@cornell.edu or (607) 255-6183.



SP2022 PE class descriptions are now online.

IMPORTANT: SP 22 Pre-registration will be open to Undergraduates only. Graduates will be allowed to register beginning in January 2022 during the add/drop period.


Specific information concerning the way PE classes will be affected in FA21 and SP22 by Covid requirements will be listed in the course description as it becomes available.


NEW INFORMATION as of 8/11/21: As a result of COVID-19, Cornell’s swim test is currently waived as a graduation requirement for seniors who are graduating in fall 2021. While this decision may adjust during the academic year, there will be no swim test clinics this fall. First-year students will have the fee normally charged for delaying the swim test waived.


Deadlines for Physical Education and Outdoor Education are listed here: http://pe.cornell.edu/deadlines.  Physical Education Course Deadlines supersede the University course drop deadline. Know your PE course drop deadline to avoid late fees.