Spring 2023 Classes

IMPORTANT: SP 23 Pre-registration for PE classes will be open to undergraduates only. Graduate students may enroll in PE classes starting January 24, 2023.

The start and end dates of PE classes often vary from regular semester dates. Always carefully check the specific classes you are interested in. Add/drop dates also often vary and will be noted with the class information.

Cornell Outdoor Education (COE) classes have different add/drop dates and refund policies. All COE classes can be added, provided there is space, up until the first day of class.

Courses are offered in the following areas. Links for each area are on the right hand side:

Aquatics: Swimming, Diving, Scuba

Backpacking (COE): Backpacking, Winter Camping, Wilderness Survival Skills, Dogsledding, Break Trips

Biking (COE)


Caving (COE):

Climbing (COE): Rock, Ice and Tree Climbing







Hiking (COE): Outdoor Tai Chi and Yoga, Backcountry Cooking, Photography etc.

Ice Skating


Martial Arts

Paddling (COE): Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboarding

Personal Growth: Chi Gong, Meditation, Massage, Yoga

Racquet Sports: Badminton, Tennis, Racquetball, Squash

Sailing: Large and Small Boat

Skiing and Snowboarding

Target Sports: Archery, Handgun, Riflery, Trap and Skeet

Team Sports: Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball

Water Skiing

Weight Training

Wilderness Medicine (COE)