Course Fees

Information about Physical Education course fees is available in the course descriptions on this website and from the Physical Education Office. Normally fees are billed through the Bursar's Office. Non-student participants in courses that charge fees must pay when they register. Course fees will be refunded only in the following cases:

  1. The participant withdraws from the course via student center prior to the posted drop deadline of that course on the Physical Education and Course and Room Roster websites.
  2. The participant fails to pass preliminary course requirements.
  3. The participant accumulates a significant number of medically excused absences from the course. (The director or assistant director of the Physical Education program will make the decision in this situation.)

All fees charged for the Greek Peak ski programs are subject to the regulations outlined in the respective program brochures and information. Please refer to the information sheet supplied by Greek Peak.

Non-Student Fees

Non-student participants must pay a $50.00 fee in addition to the course fee or a $100.00 fee for a course with no fee.

Late Fees

Students adding or dropping courses after published deadlines will be charged a $50.00 fee.  See the Deadlines page for more information.

Late Swim Test Fees

Students who do not complete their swim test by the end of their Freshman year will be charged a late swim test fee of $100.00. Swim test times and dates may be found here.