PE Covid Info FA 2020

  • Only students may register for PE classes in FA20. Faculty, staff or extramural will not be allowed.
  • All PE students will be required to wear a mask indoors. 
  • Most courses have been moved outside, with rain locations, please come prepared for the weather.       
  • All courses will provide a 6-12+ foot distance from other students.
  • All courses will require that students wear masks at all times with the exception of the following where students must wear a mask when within 6 feet but not otherwise: Sailing, SUP, Canoeing, Kayaking,  Fencing,  All Swimming Classes, Riflery, Handguns, Trap and Skeet, Scuba, Unicycling.
  • The drop deadline for all courses is Friday, September 11th unless noted otherwise in the description.
  • No refunds will be given after the drop deadline.
  • In the event Cornell moves to fully remote learning, all classes will continue virtual in some format.  
  • All courses which do not have a fee charged will will have a $100 late drop fee.


  • Students will have access to locker rooms to change, but there will not be shower access except to rinse on the deck before entering the pool.
  • Students will need to bring their own towel.
  • Masks must be worn to pool edge.
  • Conditioning Swimming classes are self-conducted.   Each week 2 workouts will be written on the board, but students can choose to do their own workout as long as they are actively swimming.
  • Scuba classes will cover classroom information and pool training.  Students will receive a referral to complete open water certification.

Recreational Golf

  • The course will not be able to rent clubs or lockers for storage.
  • Student play for the month of September is Monday-Wednesday 4:30pm-8:00pm.
  • Pass is good any time other than Friday-Sunday from open - 11:00am. These times are for full-season members.
  • If students want to play anytime during the day, they must sign up for a tee time through


  • All students will be required to provide their own transportation to the Merrill Family Sailing Center at 1000 East Shore Drive.
  • Students will be single-handing a small dinghy that may tip over. Please come prepared to get wet and stay warm.

Target Sports

  • All students will be required to provide their own transportation to the Tompkins Fish and Game Club at 1649 East Shore Drive.