Waivers or Accommodations of Requirements


A waiver of the Physical Education or Swim Test requirement may be granted if the student has a disability certified by a competent medical authority, which precludes ANY participation in physical education activity.


The department will adapt a physical education program and/or the swim test to the individual needs of a student with a physical disability whenever possible. The department offers a wide array of alternative courses where the level of physical activity is less strenuous than in most courses. All requests for accommodations to the Physical Education or Swim Test requirement due to disability must be made through Student Disability Services before any substitution, accommodation or postponement will be considered.

Permission for substitution or accommodation from the Physical Education requirement due to any non-disability related issue must be granted by the University Faculty Committee on Physical Education or the Director of Physical Education. Final authority for interpreting and ruling on requests for substitution, accommodation or postponement rests with the committee.